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Introducing Medullar Smart Search: The intuitive way to find what you need

Medullar Smart Search

Are you tired of navigating complex search queries and syntax just to find the information you need? With Medullar's latest feature, Smart Search, those days are over. Medullar Smart Search allows you to search using natural language, just as you would in a conversation with a colleague. This innovative feature, powered by advanced language models like GPT-4o, understands the intent behind your queries, enabling you to find precisely what you're looking for with minimal effort.

With Medullar Smart Search, complex searches become simple. For example, if you need to "Find all emails that mention 'Medullar cash update' in the past three months" just type that into the search bar. Medullar Smart Search interprets your request and translates it into our proprietary Medullar Query Language (MQL), which then searches across all the connectors you've enabled, from emails to cloud storage.

Imagine needing a presentation that mentions Medullar from over a year ago. Simply type, "Find presentations that mention Medullar older than one year" and Medullar does the rest. If you want documents authored by a specific team, type "Find documents authored by Medullar IT" It's that straightforward. Medullar Smart Search makes retrieving documents, emails, presentations, and more incredibly easy.

Medullar Smart Search goes beyond basic queries by generating synonyms when needed. Searching for information on a topic but want to include related terms? Just type "Search about bitcoin and synonyms of it" and Medullar will include relevant synonyms, broadening your search results.

Understanding the context of your company is another powerful feature of Medullar Smart Search. Handling time-based queries without extra effort is seamless. Looking for something "from last week"? Medullar knows exactly what that means and adjusts the search accordingly.

By focusing on finding the information you need rather than remembering complicated search queries, Medullar Smart Search streamlines your workflow. This intuitive search tool is designed to enhance productivity, making it easier for you and your team to discover the knowledge necessary for success.

Stay tuned for more exciting use cases and examples of how Medullar Smart Search is revolutionizing the way we search and discover information within our organizations.